Evergreen Estates

A resident-owned community

Who are Northwest Cooperative Development Center, ROC Northwest and ROC USA, LLC?

Northwest Cooperative Development Center is a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting new and existing cooperative businesses, from daycare centers to credit unions. It supports cooperatives in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Hawaii.  Founded by cooperatives in 1979, the Center has grown into the Northwest’s leading provider of services for co-op business development.  New owners face significant challenges to organize, get started and stay on track with a new cooperative business. To help with these challenges, NWCDC provides facilitation, advising, analysis and access to information and tools for cooperatives.  Our pre-development work with startups helps to build business ownership, sound management practices, and economic health.  www.nwcdc.coop.

ROC Northwest is part of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center focused on building affordable housing through cooperative ownership in Washington and northern Idaho using the ROC-USA model. ROC Northwest helps residents of manufactured home parks come together to buy the land under their houses, build value and security in their homes and create stronger, vibrant communities.


ROC USA, LLCROC USA helps resident corporations buy their manufactured home communities or “mobile home parks” from private community owners. ROC USA is a non-profit organization with a mission of making quality resident ownership possible nationwide.

We do this by first focusing on communities that are for sale and where homeowners have a strong likelihood of success if they choose to work as a group and buy it. Second, we have assembled local and regional non-profits that we have trained and certified to assist resident corporations through the purchase process and beyond. Third, we have developed a specialized source of financing for resident corporations who wish to buy their communities.

We know that with opportunity, technical support, and financing,
homeowner groups can buy, preserve and improve their communities.
We know because we have helped more than 300 communities do just that.